COSYS LLC is an information technology company located in New England with a subsidiary in Germany. Since its startup in 1995 it has provided the aerospace and manufacturing industry with specialized consulting services and integrated software solutions.

COSYS LLC is headquartered in Middletown, CT, USA, located centrally in New England between Boston and New York.

COSYS LLC was founded in 1995 specializing in aerospace consulting services. During the late 1990's COSYS LLC became engaged in several projects to build custom software solutions for the aerospace manufacturing industry.

This expanded the areas of expertise into project management and software design and development. As a result of several disparate projects COSYS LLC was able to develop the CMExpert™ toolkit, a 3-tiered browser based platform that can be used for quickly developing software solutions. In 2002 COSYS LLC joined forces with Interpro Consulting LLC to focus on the Lean Chain Manufacturing industry. Since then COSYS LLC has continued to be involved in this partnership providing consulting services, as well as concentrating on its core aerospace customers and their business needs.