CMExpert™ Fleet/Maintenance Management
Whether you are a manufacturer of an airframe or engine, or you are the operator of an aircraft, managing your assets requires accurate record keeping. Fleet Data Management allows you to
  • record actual flight times and cycles
  • report part removals and installs
  • log events
  • report shop visits
  • report the incorporation of service bulletins or airworthiness directives.
This later becomes a prerequisite for statistical output and for the decision making process on how to improve the performance and airworthiness of the product. Reliability information and workscopes that can be generated using such data will be invaluable during the maintenance decision making process. This system module also contains the reporting functions to create almost any possible output. An owner/operator of an aircraft or engine is responsible to perform maintenance in scheduled intervals.

CMExpert™ supports both the planning process of maintenance activities (a.k.a. "workscope") and the subsequent recording of them. The planning tools use input such as maintenance manuals, service bulletins documentation, airworthiness directives, etc. The planning records transform into maintenance records as soon as the tasks of the workscope have been executed.